Emily Anne Reed

This is Emily, she's my other "other" valentine.

If you aren’t familiar with Emily (Look up, dummy!), you probably don’t watch TV. Hell, I don’t really watch TV. But I did find her by accident whilst taking a break from one of my many musical projects/experiments. Trolloping through the kitchen for my third cup of Nescafe, this sweet voice damn near exploded in my ear. Not because the television was on several decibels louder than normal, but because it’s a voice inspirationally unique among the herd of other (possibly, but not likely) amazing singers on a show, which I am not going to name because you all know what I’m referring to.  Brings back memories of  the day when I tried out for “Making The Band” a few years ago before Puffy took over that show and I threw up in my mouth.

Well that’s my tangent. On with the Show.

Now I don’t normally observe Valentine’s Day mainly because I see it as such an obligatory day for romance; which I may add, you shouldn’t have to wait for a day to tell you to be romantic (I could riff for hours about New Years but that’s a whole ‘nother post). But I figured, I do know something about romance so why not give you guys some things that I’ve done already. And yes I have done ALL of these.

So as my gift to you fellas who can’t think of anything better to do with your woman than dinner plus movies, or cards, stuffed bears, and chocolate… I give you my list of unconventional yet playful or flirty things to do on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Fold an origami rose for your girl or make a napkin one. Google this if you don’t know how to.
  2. Draw a picture of flowers, take a picture of it, and send it to her.
  3. Create a website/fanpage for your lover. (This may take some time)
  4. Bake a cake, or cookies, whatever… something.
  5. Give her a hand-written coupon for a massage.
  6. Have an impressive night planned and throughout the day, completely ignore her.
  7. Purchase some yarn and make sure she’s not around while you make a trail with the yarn leading her on an adventure around the house. Points of interests along the way could be things like: a meal you cooked for her, a present, a page in a magazine pointing to a picture of a restaurant you may go to (hint, hint). You get the idea.
  8. Create a DVD for her to play (You may have to write out “PLAY ME” on it) with your special message.
  9. Create a DVD for her to play with a fun assignment in a Mission Impossible-like manner. For example, ask her to buy specific ingredients for something you can cook for her. (I think you guys are starting to realize I like to cook… and eat.)
  10. Hire someone to sing a personalized song to your woman at work. Some people send flowers, why not send songs?
  11. Send her an oversized… anything. Card, bear, a triple king-sized Kit Kat. Whatever works for you.
  12. Surprise your woman by stopping by at her place while wearing a cupid costume. Only for the boldest.
  13. Meet up with her somewhere and try to pick her. Remember to change your name.
  14. Write an intentionally, horribly cheesy poem for her and make her read it out loud in front of all her friends. (Again, only for the boldest)


Image: Photograph courtesy of Emily Anne Reed