I wanted to share this time lapse of what has gone on in New York because of the hurricane/superstorm Sandy which recently hit landfall a little more than 20 hours ago as of this writing. I was supposed to be in New York for this weekend but couldn’t make it.¬†Lucky for me I guess, but unlucky for my friends that live there. My deepest respect and condolences go out to those who’ve lost family and friends because of this event.

For those of you that happen to be out of reach of this storm, join me in helping out by donating to the Red Cross. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for those out there that are recording what’s happening and sharing for the world to see and be updated. Ustream.tv has a live cam channel provided by The Weather Channel which I’m currently watching, if you guys are curious to what’s going on now.

If anybody else has photos or videos, please share in the comments and let us join in at least as observers.

P.s. Instagram is blowing up with pics of storm. Check it out here.