About (Long Version)

“If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”

– Toni Morrison / American novelist, editor, and professor


When I started this blog, it happened a few months after the event of a bad breakup in 2008. So rather than just skulk around like an idiot I needed an outlet, which seemed like a more productive thing to do than drink and mope around and play video games all day. I was already writing in my personal journal chronicling everything I needed to get off my chest. The psychic weight on my mind was killing me. During this time I was also getting into zen buddhism and trying to find peace inside the chaos that was festering inside (I was getting to be a little emo, and even that was starting to annoy me).

I found a website called ZenHabits.net and that really got me into thinking about using blogs as a way of channelling this abundance of energy that needed to get out. Most of the stuff I wrote about in my journal dealt with productivity and personal development anyway so I figured… eh, why not? Plus, I learned that the guy that ran it, Leo Babauta, actually makes a living running that site. I didn’t think I would ever be rich or anything, but I thought, at the time, writing about stuff I enjoy doing, and make a little bit of money in the process, didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

So I started out writing about achievement, productivity and my own brand of personal development.

Over the years, this site has evolved. I’ve been a musician since junior high school and very much into filmmaking since my freshmen year in college. So I wanted to showcase my work. I then wanted to talk about my work as well as the artistry that goes along with it. I also added a few more things that I was interested in like dating, parkour, martial arts, anime, music reviews, my philosophy on douchebags. Some of them I posted, some I didn’t because I felt keeping up with so many topics is exhausting. I’ve calmed down a bit on topics. Just a bit.


Ever since I could remember, I’ve been good at a lot of things. Drawing, piano, gymnastics, martial arts, cherry-drops on the jungle gyms. The kids would call me a show-off, my teacher’s would say I’m full of potential (but then again, don’t they all?)

Now I personally don’t believe I’m talented. Just determined. I got good at drawing because I posted my ass in front of the TV and drew whatever cartoon I happened to be watching, more than likely Ninja Turtles. But there was also Transformers, He-Man, Ghostbusters, Heathcliff, Dennis the Menace, and whatever late 80s/early 90s shows were on.

I got good playing piano only because my parents put me in lessons. Gymnastics and martial arts because I was an energetic little tike and continually got hurt but still did it anyway. And I played on the jungle gym a lot because I liked playing with girls. Don’t even get me started on playing house with a girl named Julia in kindergarten.

It was in the first grade when I first got recognition for my drawings. My class entered into this contest that dealt with making a drawing for Halloween. I drew pumpkins and skeletons and dead trees, pretty simple. All the drawings from my class and pretty much the whole school were submitted to the local mall to be pinned up on a wall in one of the entrances and judged. For some reason I won a first place blue ribbon.

After that, I began entering more contest and winning them too, but when you’re a first grader drawing at a fourth grade level it kind of doesn’t become a contest anymore.

I was definitely a visual person back then. Winning those contests got me interested in other visual arts like painting (which i never advanced in), photography, comic books, and of course movies.

In seventh grade, those visual arts took a backseat to music, when I met a kid name Isaac and we started an r&b group together. (Though it started as him and I singing in the hallways to girls because we’d always gather a crowd. My first introduction to groupies.)

I made my first video edit in high school, and I must say for VHS tapes, it wasn’t too damn bad. I became the go-to shooter/editor for our weekly broadcast.

Ever since then, my two favorite things to do was make visual artwork and music. Everytime I draw something, it takes me back to that day in first grade when I was at the mall with my parents and my name got called out for first place. It was the first time I ever really thought that I could be good at something.

And every time I’m at my piano or singing on a microphone, well that just reminds me of the group of girls I used to sing to in the hallways during junior high with one of my best friends. Good times.


The gist of this site deals with potential. Discovering. Developing. Exploring. I have two broad categories: ART and LIFE. The two general topics that I love talking about. They’re general because every time I try to narrow down a particular niche, I come up with more things I want to discuss. So I stopped fighting it and now just going with the flow.

Art, obviously, deals with the the artwork I produce, artistry, and artforms. Life deals with productivity, achievement, lifestyle, and my own brand of personal development which I’m calling “Personal Development for the Obnoxious, Creative, and Attention Deficient.”

I discuss these two, let’s say, categories, because I feel you can’t really have one without the other. ART for me is an expression, that expression usually associates with your LIFE. Movies, music, books are all relatable because we all go through a lot of the same things in life. Productivity techniques, or mindsets for achievement and success spills over into artistry and artforms. And art can definitely influence your lifestyle, belief systems, values and growth as a person.

Of course, I’m still using ART and LIFE in more than one meaning. But you get the picture.


Honestly… anybody willing to lend me their ear. Naturally as an artist, I write FOR artist, no matter what artform you’re interested in, artistry remains relatively similar across the board. But since my passions are in filmmaking and music production, there will be a heavy emphasis on those two artforms.

It’s also for anybody who are just exploring, finding their artistic side and just want to get exposed to various artforms and interesting artists. I’m always searching for interesting work and artist to showcase and share. My hope is that it will inspire you to pick up a pen, paintbrush, Wacom, microphone, well… you get the point.

I’m all about discovering

For pure entertainment, this site also stands as the platform for my own work. Short films, music videos, documentaries, concerts, and other creative projects will all be here.


  • Showcase my work as an artist. (Film, music, photography & graphic arts)
  • Introduce people to other artists and artforms (well-known and/or obscure)
  • To reinforce what I’ve learned and experienced by sharing.
  • Help others discover their potential by exposing them to various creative work and discussions
  • Help others and myself learn to create a life worth living
  • As a personal blog, to share what’s going on at certain points in my life


As an artist I don’t JUST want to share my work. I want to talk about and discuss the processes that go into the work. The justifications behind the creative decisions being made. I want to go into the fundamentals of filmmaking and music production and not just the tips, techniques, or trends. I want to explore the reasons for the creative decisions made on my work to give those of you on the outside a better understanding of those decisions.

I would never call myself a guru in any one discipline because I’m always learning new things. Education doesn’t stop at graduation. If I don’t know something, I’ll tell you,”I don’t know”… but it’s not like I can’t find out or figure out how to do it. I don’t have all the answers, but every time I learn something that I feel would help you out as an artist in any way, I’ll share.

I welcome you all to follow and learn with me on this journey… this struggle to be heard in a noisy world.