Nothing energizes me more than something that I’ve built, developed, manifested, made, (INSERT VERB HERE), you get the point.  Nothing fuels my life better than knowing I made a difference through my work. I may not be good at it, but I’m working on it. And I will forever be working on it, even after I master it. But that “it” is my philosopher’s stone, so I know this journey will forever go on.

Out of all the artistic endeavors I’ve pursued, I gravitate more toward filmmaking and no matter how many times I stray, I always seem to go back to my musical roots. Music is my mistress. I am a lover of knowledge and will forever be a student of learning. I aim to share my findings with anyone who cares to listen.  I despise guru-ness and I don’t consider myself an expert in any one thing. My only talent is curiosity and a willingness to learn.

I have this obsession with learning how to use my brain more than the 10% that scientists claim we use and I’ve made it my life’s goal to figure out some ways to utilize the brain better, artistically and academically.

Whew. Well enough with the straight and formal stuff…

I have a fascination with stories. I don’t care what medium it’s in. I love talking about eating healthy yet find myself stuffing my face with super nachos any time I get the chance to hit up the local Mexican restaurants wherever I’m at. If it ain’t authentic, it ain’t shit. I swear a lot. I don’t mean to, but trying to hold back all the time feels unnatural. I’m a little blunt when conversing but getting better at filtering out certain things. Not all things, but enough to hold a conversation with someone without offending them in the first two minutes.

I’m allergic to cats, which is stupid because I grew up with cats… oh well. I’m easily distracted and I blame it on my A.D.D. but that’s not a real thing anyway so now I’m just making excuses. I have voices in my head that won’t stop talking to me. I collect anime and manga and comic books. Build computers, play SELECT video games and weirdly intrigued by girls that cosplay. No, that’s not weird right?

Anyway, that’s it. That’s me. Take a gander around the site, it is my ideal wish that somehow, in some way you leave feeling just a little bit more knowledgeable, or at minimum, mildly entertained.