“Measure twice, cut once.”
“The right tool for the right job.”

These are sound advices. They make sense. They’re logical. I have no qualms about them. Although, it’s the underlying meaning that irks at me. Why do we measure twice when we already have the measurement? Is the right tool for the right job a law? Are there no other tools that can get the job done? I agree that some things call for specificity, such as the case with installing disc brakes to a new mountain bike with their indispensible star-tool (tightening in a star sequence as well). Yes, there’s a reason for that, but not everything that happens around us needs that kind of detail at all times.

The Just-In-Case mentality derives from fear. The backup plan. The alternatives.( I love alternatives by the way.) But the Just-In-Case mentality mainly operates out of fear.

Here are some examples.

  • Exercising over 3 hours a day just in case the first hour didn’t burn enough calories. I’ll see ya at the burnout stage.
  • Buying a warranty plan for an item that cost $20 just in case of mechanical failure. I would actually say any extended warranty is not worth the money, period.
  • Driving five car lengths behind another car just in case they brake abruptly. Isn’t the standard one car length or enough space to let an elephant walk through? I can’t remember which.
  • Buying an automatic pot-stirrer just in case you have to do something else while stirring. This is just ridiculous. Matter of fact, almost any As Seen On TV product is ridiculous. An egg breaker for breaking eggs without the fear of bits of shell getting in your mix? Really? And don’t get me started on the Shake Weight.
  • Installing anti-virus software, several fire-walls, encrypted data backup, system analyzers, CPU sensors, malware and spyware detectors, etc. on a computer where the majority of what you do is check your Facebook page just in case anyone tries to hack into your system. I see this on a ton of people’s computers where it takes ten minutes just to load up their desktop because of the all the programs that get loaded at bootup. Unless you’re Jason Bourne all that software is unnecessary.

Some call this being prepared. I call that non-sense. Life can, and will, throw curves balls, sucker punches, and below-the-belt shots at you. Your job is to be able to handle those curve balls, sucker punches, or below-the-belt shots. Be prepared, but be able to flow with life too.


Image: SlipStreamJC