Here’s a seemingly random video I created to mark another birthday passed. But does this birthday serve as any significance?

Aside from now being the same age as Superman (as far as the Man of Steel film is concerned), this video also serves as a style test for the iteration of my MOCHI series.

I’ve always had in my head to create a show that incorporated a narrative as well as a talk-show structure. Blending fiction and education. A form of “edu-tainment” or “info-tainment”.

After assessing the time needed to create something like this on a regularly basis, I’ve concluded that…  I can’t.

There’s too much time and care and craft and technique involved in creating this type time of show while expecting to keep the production value high. Something, that, at this moment I am unable to do. So I’ll put away my pride for a while and just put out. (Ha)

As far as style goes:

  • the coloring will be as true to life with a hint of blockbuster tone (teal/orange).
  • minimal scoring–I want the drama in the series to take front stage.
  • experimentation with framing.
  • comedy will come from the situation of the scene (no need for comic relief)
  • and, blend slice-of-life narration with spectacle and fantasy.

And that’s all I got so far.

So stay tuned as I attempt to rework the show.