Leave it to the comic fanboy in me to to discover art which has always been in front of me.

I never once bothered to watch an episode of Teen Titans Go! because it looked just like every other kid’s cartoon capitalizing on a known IP. The chibi anime’ish design. The flat color scheme. None of it appealed to me.

… and then you draw Iron-Man in that design.

I’m a Stark fanboy all the way through, so that now becomes my gateway into the art of Dan Hipp, illustrator and art director for Teen Titans Go! He’s had clients such as Wired, obviously DC comics, and Image comics and there’s probably a ton more.

His design work in these examples utilize a limited color palette and some pretty quirky character designs, which I have to admit am rather fond of since it reminds me of Samurai Jack–which I love.

Anyway, enough yabbing. Allow your eyes to feast on the work of Mr. Dan Hipp. Check out his site: and his tumblr: