It’s MI5! There’s a double-entendre there somewhere. The Impossible Mission Force (IMF) is joined by a rogue agent this time around. And we must say, this iteration feels a lot more like the TV show. There’s goods and bads in that statement.


BITESIZE / Episode 29


download | Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (BAD029)


9 min: Tom Cruise and the Death Wish

11: Comparing the franchise to itself.

17: Chemistry, Happy Accidents and Adlibs in movies.

20: Supporting Characters: Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg.

22: Jarad’s never seen SHAUN OF THE DEAD… Whaaaa?

23: The tone of the movie felt like a throwback.

24: Stuntwork

25: The Wraith ~ This movie reminded Jarad of this old movie.

27: Bad CGI parts

29: Comparing to GHOST PROTOCOL. Scale, set pieces and sequences.

31: That doesn’t sound like clapping noises!

31: Whose movie is this? Tom Cruise took a backseat to Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg.

32: Hury and Jarad like some Rebecca Ferguson.

37: The undertone: political agendas. “The monster gets out, and you can’t do anything about it” – Hury

38: Leon’s alternative ideas to make the movie more interesting. Narratively-speaking.

41: Slight tangent ~ Leon’s problem with the Resident Evil franchise.

43: Bringing it back to the TV Show ~ the M.I. tropes and gags.

47: Trying to find the logic: “Who the hell would put a profile chip… in an underwater thing?” ~ Leon

50: Trying to find the logic Part 2: Where’d the defibrillator come from? There’s a power outlet in the sewers?

51: The box.

52 Trying to find the logic Part 3: Ricochet.

53: Round table: The Verdict.

What did you think of MI5?