The talented MATT DAMON takes his one-man-band performance to a Castaway trip on Mars.

Based on the book of the same name by Andy Weir, Ridley Scott translates it to the big screen.


BITESIZE / Episode 15


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2 min: Babies in theaters.

6: Duct-Tape fixes everything.

7: Hury’s Pre-Flight Ritual.

8: Welcome Back to the Show… after a two month hiatus. Blame bad movies.

10: Director and Cast. RIP Tony Scott.

16: The One-Sentence Synopsis is equivalent to the LOG LINE of a script.

19: Tangent: Breaking down Mad Max as an allegory makes sense, without it… WTF.

27: The story progression.

28: One page of a script is equal to one minute of screen time.

32: Matt Damon’s screen presence. Tom Hanks (Castaway), Ryan Reynolds (Buried) and Will Smith (I Am Legend) also have great screen presence in a solo performance.

34: “Childish Gambino’s character felt tacked on” ~ Leon. Ex-Machina devices in movies. “What was his job?” ~ Jarad wonders.

39: The talented Jeff Daniels. And his best monologue, IMO (Leon), from THE NEWSROOM “America is not the greatest country in the world.”

42: The problem with post-production 3D.

45. Call of Duty music.

46: For filmmakers: “Don’t put copyrighted music on your sh**.” ~ Leon

48: “Eff you Jai Courtney!” Leon’s ability to pull apart non-essential actors (NEAs).

49: There could’ve been a better ending.

53: Sol is a term for “days on Mars.” or SOL = Shit outta Luck.

54: The science.

58: Overall feelings. Round-Tablin’.

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