I have a friend who has a passion for baking.  It definitely shows in the cakes she makes. And those who know me know I LOVE CAKE! So my birthday was coming around and told her I wanted to film her making one of her delicate delicatessen’s. I may have said in passing it would be awesome if she made me a cake after one of my favorite super-heroes: Iron Man.

The day after my birthday I’m given an Iron Man cake in shape of Tony Starks’ helmet.

One word:


Art comes in many forms, and no matter its form, edible as it may, when there’s considerable time intertwined with passion there’s art there. I almost felt bad sinking my knife into it. Then I took a bite and I didn’t feel bad anymore. It was delicious. Seriously.

As much as I really wanted to make a video detailing how she goes about actually creating the cake, creating a video showing me opening the box is close enough. In order to make it less boring I also decided to remix “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. Just had to dust off the LIVE GEAR, load up Ableton, and get to work. The song was created entirely LIVE recording the performance as I was filming at the same time then syncing the audio with the video. It’s definitely not an EDITED remix since my pad playing is a little off and I think I went overboard with the dubstep wobble. (It was my first time using that effect)

I leave with you other cake-works by Maryanne, who found her passion not too long ago.  I’m definitely proud of you.

P.S. The death of Iron Man

Check out the Iron Man Cake Tribute Video.

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