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#FaveFramesFriday – Ruby Sparks – Over the Top

[Frame info: Ruby Sparks (2012) Directed by Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris. Cinematography by Matthew Libatique]

So first of all, Matthew Libatique is in my top ten of all-time favorite DPs. And for those that know me–no, it’s not because he also shot Iron-Man 1 & 2. I’m not that biased. Now this shot comes from an indie called Ruby Sparks starring Paul Dano and a new developing crush of mine, Zoe Kazan, who also, by the way, wrote the screenplay. And yes, I do know her and Paul are an item, I can still crush on her. Continue Reading…


#FaveFramesFriday – Oldboy – Book Endings

[Frame Info: Oldboy. Directed by Chan-wook Park. Director of Photography by Chung-hoon Chung. 2003]


One of my favorite films of all time, Oldboy, directed by Chan-wool Park, has some of the most elegantly simple, yet interesting frames I’ve ever laid eyeballs on–out of the hundreds of films I’ve watched though, it’s amazing I can even remember some of them. Continue Reading…