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Artist Spotlight: Mr Dan Hipp

Leave it to the comic fanboy in me to to discover art which has always been in front of me.

I never once bothered to watch an episode of Teen Titans Go! because it looked just like every other kid’s cartoon capitalizing on a known IP. The chibi anime’ish design. The flat color scheme. None of it appealed to me. Continue Reading…


4 Tips for Learning Whatever the Hell You Want

A lover of learning in Greek would be called a Philomath. Philo meaning “loving” and math as in “to learn.” Yes, I just Wikipedia’d that. Full disclosure. Although I don’t think I’d ever call myself that–a Philomath. It sounds a little pervy. Actually, I wouldn’t care anyway.

What about Learning-Jedi, or Ninja? Wait, that’s been overdone now too. I blame cool people. Screw it. I love learning. The acquisition process. I’m more intrigued by the journey of learning something than by whatever skill or knowledge I intended to learn in the first place.

But I also love knowledge, so–if I continue with the Greek thing–that makes me a philosopher too. (Philos again used for “loving” but with soph meaning “wisdom” or “knowledge.”)

Well that was a tangent.

Point? Again, I love learning.

Over the course of my short existence on this Earth I’ve developed a few repeatable ways that enable me to attain a reasonable knowledge base on chosen subjects and acquired skills to an adequate degree of use.

Basically, I’ve developed certain ways of learning stuff to a level that makes any difference. Some of these tips may be more common sense, but for being so common, I haven’t noticed many implementing them. So allow me to share. Continue Reading…

[My capture card of choice. SanDisk Extreme: Class 10.]

From SD to the Editing Room / Organizing Your DSLR Footage

How an editor organizes their clips before actually making a cut can tell you a lot about their style. But then again, keeping clips in a certain order, labeled, and named in purposeful ways saves a lot of time when making decisions for your edit. Unless you enjoy scrubbing through every clip, looking for that exact moment when the dolphin at Sea World smacked a clown’s hat off and flipped him the metaphoric bird with his tail, cataloging can save you some frustration during post.

Continue Reading…