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4 Tips for Learning Whatever the Hell You Want

A lover of learning in Greek would be called a Philomath. Philo meaning “loving” and math as in “to learn.” Yes, I just Wikipedia’d that. Full disclosure. Although I don’t think I’d ever call myself that–a Philomath. It sounds a little pervy. Actually, I wouldn’t care anyway.

What about Learning-Jedi, or Ninja? Wait, that’s been overdone now too. I blame cool people. Screw it. I love learning. The acquisition process. I’m more intrigued by the journey of learning something than by whatever skill or knowledge I intended to learn in the first place.

But I also love knowledge, so–if I continue with the Greek thing–that makes me a philosopher too. (Philos again used for “loving” but with soph meaning “wisdom” or “knowledge.”)

Well that was a tangent.

Point? Again, I love learning.

Over the course of my short existence on this Earth I’ve developed a few repeatable ways that enable me to attain a reasonable knowledge base on chosen subjects and acquired skills to an adequate degree of use.

Basically, I’ve developed certain ways of learning stuff to a level that makes any difference. Some of these tips may be more common sense, but for being so common, I haven’t noticed many implementing them. So allow me to share. Continue Reading…


Why Being The Dumbest Guy In The Room Is Essential To Learning

There’s a little known podcast I listen to called “The Fizzle Show.”

Three guys talking about their experiences in entrepreneurship to help those of us starting out. Weeks on end I’ve listened in. Ever since they first started, I was hooked. Chase Reeves is one of the three hosts enlightening the discussions with his sporadic insights and comments and tons of unabashed honesty. I dig that. Continue Reading…