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Robin Thicke: Sex Therapy The Experience REVIEW

Oh Mr. Thicke, if only I had half the ego that you possess, compelling women to whisper sexual innuendo in my ear, would I be set, and if she can cook, the better.

Sex Therapy The Experience, to me, is nothing more than a exercise in role playing spanning the course of seventeen tracks. In this particular album, our dear boy Robin, wants to play doctor, and it seems he has a workload of patients to attend to.

I’ve never listened to any of his previous albums (apparently there are three prior to this on Pharrell’s Star Trak label ), maybe a single here and there and a video with Lil’ Wayne. So this will most likely be my entry point into the audio sphere of the Robin Thicke Experience.

This is also my very first review for the site, so I apologize ahead of time if my thoughts become unclear along the way. Don’t worry eventually I’ll find my structure in building reviews, but for now, just take it.

Mrs. Sexy, the first song of the album, is a feel good song filled with organic instruments and a few samples thrown in. The neo-soul influence is apparent and Robin lays his vocals down in the lyrical stylings of a one Musiq Soulchild. And being that I dig Musiq Soulchild, I also dig this song. Go figure right.

Sex Therapy, according to a Google search, was the first single. But I guess I should’ve known that. Going through the album once, it was the only song that fit the current trend of heavy kick drums, and synthesized ambient melody. The high falsetto blends in well to the tone of the song, but then again, that’s all I ever think of when I hear the name Robin Thicke. Well, that and Growing Pains, but that reference is way outdated I know.

The incorporation of Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, and The Game seem a little bit forced to me. I understand, he wanted to show his hip-hop influence in his music, and as a fellow musician, I’m all for it. But I can’t quite put my finger on the fact that he picked some pretty hard rappers. That, and his use of, what seems like, unnecessary cursing, sort of makes me think it’s for compensation sake.

Mona Lisa brings back memories of Justin Timberlake – The Innocent Years. Remember NSYNC and that song “Gone?” That’s what this song reminds me of. Good memories. I like 2 Luv Birds mainly because it’s different from the rest and Shakin’ It 4 Daddy, the second single from the album, tries for a club track and really doesn’t reel me in too much except for the fact it sounds like Trey Songz (whose music I enjoy) and Rihanna put on repeat (or the hands of a schizophrenic DJ).

The only thing that irked me a little was at the beginning of most of the songs, was it necessary to have some sexy (or slutty, whatever your preference is) woman talking about how she needs this guy Robin. I mean, I get it already, you’re a sexy mofo and women want you to do them. But I can’t help but feel it a little fabricated in a: I-pay-you-money-and-you-lie-to-me-in-the-most-sultry-of-ways kind of way.

Conclusion, with a name like Sex Therapy, combined with the word “experience,” I couldn’t really see myself playing this album to get someone in the mood. For that I’d stick to Jodeci and Keith Sweat (No one even makes songs that get you in the mood like they used to anymore). Instead, I’d use this as the pre-sex background noise while I’m trying to cook dinner for my lady friend. The jazzy elevator music has just enough “hump-factor” to get her primed. I’m horrible.