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On Getting Older | TBC_2.5

Birthdays are a young person’s game.

Or maybe, birthdays are for kids, tweens, young adults, and seniors. In the middle is where I lie. In between the hopeful and regretful stages of life. I know, I know. That’s pretty gloomy. But think about it, I’m at the age where it’s expected we have things figured out. The years of life where it’s about working toward something. Progression. And yet, here I am, still in the starting blocks. The gun hasn’t gone off, or I’m deaf but everybody is racing toward the finish line and I’m stuck wondering what the hell is going on.

Birthdays for me, now, are more of a postmortem. A day when I analyze the year I’ve lived and wonder if I’m making the right decisions. I speculate that it is also a weird time to be alive. The world has changed tons since I was a kid at a pace so furious Vin Diesel would be jealous. Information and technology has skyrocketed since the public release of the home computing system and the widespread acceptance of the internet.

The traditional route of modern living, at least in the United States as I know of, has changed considerably. Where my generation was taught to “graduate high school and get a good job”. Although it’s curious, the generation before me also had “start a family” as part of the plan but is strangely missing in the conversations with a lot of those my age. I suppose largely due to traditional roles of  family being challenged: broken homes, two mommies or two daddies, and our acceptance of it as a society that grows every year.

According to college enrollment rates have been on a decline for 5 years since 2011. More people are turning to the internet to learn job skills which also increases the cost of enrolling in colleges and universities as well, which will lead to more people dropping out or altogether dismissing higher education.

I’m also in a weird spot because I’m attempting to discover a means of supporting myself that don’t require traditional outlets or known rings to jump through. The internet has created a place where people can find ways to connect and support themselves fiscally in different ways from the job/company model. I have several friends that do it, yet can’t really tell me how they got there. But I find more and more people living this way–from an open laptop–every day, as I’m searching through job boards and incidentally find myself surfing for alternatives to jobs. But it requires a slight adjustment in thinking, and more knowledge in business, as these ways of life require more than what we can learn in a semester of business administration or entrepreneurship. YouTube stars still have to learn to manage their business lives as they rake in thousands of dollars a day.

I envision my path to be somewhat nomadic. Taking on projects and collaborating on joint ventures as I live out of a suitcase on my way to another remote town in the middle of South America or reconciling bank statements at a brothel deep in Scottish territory (I assume Scotland has brothels–I wouldn’t know… but I’d like to know). Of course I’ll have to deepen my knowledge on business principles and practices if I want to live that way. I can’t just take a college class and ultimately understand how to create this lifestyle.

I see a lot more failing and experimenting in my future as I walk this unknown terrain.

Chasing Waterfalls | TBC_2.4

The Mary’s pick me up for another travel excursion. Destination: Yosemite National Park.

I’ve said it before, travel vlogs are the easiest to create. When there’s so much to look at, and explore, a story can unravel about anything. In this case, I ended up taking a lot of snippets of things because I had limited battery time. So picking out what shots I wanted became a priority. Even with two batteries, there were still a lot of things I wish I would’ve shot. But without an outlet to charge said batteries, I had to focus.

Here are a few photos I took.

From Half-Dome Village

Lower Falls

Upper Pines camp site

Vernal Falls

Finally Got A Drone | TBC_2.3

I felt the need to up my photography game. So I bought a drone. Without any thought to how I was gonna pay for that bad boy, swiftly made my way to the nearest Best Buy a purchased the entry level DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

I normally go the entry-level route mainly because of buyers’ remorse. When contemplating an expensive purchases it’s always at the cheapest model just in case I don’t care for it, I can return it without getting to paranoid about what I had just put on my credit card. Consider it a trial. Even though the other models had more features, I just didn’t know if I would be into it. It’s not an investment if it just sits in my closet.

So there we are.

Also, because of the poor audio on the footage I got from TENT CITY’s performance at Ace of Spades of couple months ago, I’ve decided to turn that performance video into a documentary. A sleight of hand to distract the audience from the crappy sound. It’s a little more work, but who knows, maybe a documentary is a better promotional tool than just a performance piece.

Getting Experience and Noticed When No One Will Hire You | TBC 2.1

I guess I’ll do another year of this vlogging thing. I don’t see how it could hurt. Not many people give a shit yet so I’m free to continue experimenting with video techniques at my leisure.

But then I was always going to do that regardless of how many people followed me. It’s how I get better at this video stuff: learn, apply, reflect, repeat.

This time around I want to keep the topic onto something that would be valuable to those like me: the creative freelancer. Or if you’re just a freelancer in any field, I’m sure what I’m going through will probably apply to you as well.

So question I’m dealing with right now is:

“How do you get noticed with your skillset when you don’t have any previous experience or work?

Now that I read that, it sounds pretty simple compared to when I was agonizing over it for years. To prove that I can do something… I gotta just do it.

In my case, if I want to get hired for video work, I need video work to show off. Make the damn thing. That’s it. And most likely, I’m not gonna expect to get paid from my first job. But just to establish myself there were two ways of getting my work out. Either 1.) PRO BONO for another person or company or 2.) MY OWN IDEAS.

I hope it goes without saying that these projects should involve a lot of love. Set the tone for the quality of work you do. It’s being done for free so there are no deadlines and no nitpicking. Make it the best that you can make it. Half-assed work is noticeable, why half-ass something that you’re going to use to entice potential clients with? That’s just stupid. Don’t be stupid.

Is Hustling Supposed to be Sexy? | TBC_026

Flying drones are fun… when you know how to do it.

Been noticing a lot of fakers on Instagram lately. A lot of people preaching “the hustle” than actually hustling. People NOT doing the work, yet saying they are. You look at their accounts and it’s filled with superfluous motivation-y shit. There’s more effort put on these posts than any real work. The pyramid scheme of hustling.

And it’s always extremely vague about what they do. But we do know, overwhelmingly, that they make money–and apparently lots of it (with their ink-jet printed hunned dollar billz yo).

I’m good with that non-sense. I’ve actually stopped worrying about the micro content I’ve been posting and focusing on the major things that gets me a much larger margin of attention and ROI.

For the LOVE of MOVIES | TBC_025

I didn’t expect this week’s vlog to be so massive.

Travel videos are usually the easiest to create content for. Most of the time is spent wandering and exploring and that tends to trigger me to have fun with the situation. The world is definitely my playground when you’re into dancing and parkour–the latter of which still needs some work.

Going through my old computer files, I noticed I still had 3 major film projects that I never got to. I want to start.

For me to call myself a filmmaker and not actually make any films… there’s a disconnect there. I just need to stop procrastinating and do it. I could make the excuse that I have tons of things going on and justify my actions with some sort of time deflection. But really, you make time for the things you care about. So how much stuff am I doing right now that I really don’t give a shit about. Time for some pruning.


I think these guys are starting to get along. Or at minimum tolerate each other. KC (my dog) couldn’t stand being around the cat. But it’s been a couple months since I took this cat in. He was ghastly skinny when I moved into this new house, I’m not even sure I know where he came from but, my best guess is he was probably living in this house and abandoned since he seems to know his away around the property. I haven’t even given him a name yet. I just call him “Cat.” But I was thinking of maybe… Wesley Stripes?

Never knew what the morning in San Francisco looked like until now. I’ve also never seen the Golden Gate Bridge from OUTSIDE of the city. The colors were popping this morning.

The Point Bonita Lighthouse I initially discovered while searching for haunted places near San Francisco. I’m sure it looks haunted during heavy fog, but it was quite beautiful when I went. I don’t even consider myself to be one of those outdoorsy types, but I can still appreciate nature. The guy walking past with the dog was a such a massive bonus to this shot. It definitely helped to give you the scale of the mountain to people. Plus that dog was super friendly. As I was shooting further on down the bridge his head slid inbetween my legs like he wanted to give me a ride. Damn these friendly animals!

Battery Mendell is an out-of-commission prison. I seriously want to shoot a scene here for a short action flick one day. It was too cool. And possibly haunted. I’ve still yet to find a group of people willing to go to haunted places with me.

This has got to be one of the coolest spot I’ve been to. Never been even though I’m in this city often. I guess it’s kind of like when you live around something, you never really go to the popular places because it’s just home. The same thing when New Yorker’s explain even though they’ve lived there for years or decades, they’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty.

Dancing and performances look amazing at this spot. If only I was a better breakdancer I could’ve made the video look better. This is actually a 360 photo that I posted on my Facebook. Not quite sure if I wanted to install the 360 plugin for this blog. Site’s already acting slow as it is.

I admire the city of Berkely for keeping things fresh, organic and healthy. Just wished it wasn’t so damn expensive. Most of the food joints down the main strip are all pretty health-conscious. Which I guess would help my unhealthy ass out. I seriously need to start eating better because that feeling of sluggish and overall shit-feeling is starting to annoy me. Should probably start with drinking more water.

Or drinking water. Period.

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35YO | TBC_024

I took a couple weeks to edit this particular vlog.

I knew it was going to be personal to me since it’s my birthday vlog, so I planned ahead. Unfortunately, I was a little ambitious in what I wanted to show and with the deadline I set, it just wasn’t feasible. (I’m thinking of the Nintendo sequence I had in mind).

But even with the limited footage, I still I’ve manage to capture the message and essence of what I wanted to share. I hope it comes through, if it didn’t, let me know in the comments. I’m still working on crafting emotion in these videos.


“Back in teh Day” Original Music by me.

“Scattered Knowledge” by REVOLUTION VOID
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