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Unemployment Blues | TBC_022

Struggling with no income is a mighty difficult challenge. Being unhireable is also quite difficult. Helping out friends helps to take the sting out of being rejected multiple times though.

Heatstroke” by DOCTOR VOX
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Candy-Coloured Sky” by CATMOSPHERE
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Maryanne’s Submission:

Figuring Sh*t Out and Dodging Cars | TBC_021

Slow week.

My website crashed after upgrading WordPress. My theme and all it’s plugins could not sort itself out. And I no longer have support from the designer for the theme but I really didn’t want to redo everything again. I have updated the plugins that the theme needs, along with updating the theme itself, as well start to use the child theme so whenever the parent theme gets a new update I won’t have to worry about all my customization.

So for the lack of content, I’ve edited my short trip to Pollock Pines, California. I think this was back in May. (It was a pain getting this vlog edited because of promised engagements and out-of-the-blue guests.)

An Artist’ Dilemma | TBC_019

If you’re like me, wanting to support yourself through your creative interests, there comes a point when you’re going to think about scale.

To scale in business–and this creative endeavor you have will want to be unless it will forever be a hobby–has a few meanings, but mainly it means to grow. Almost every artist I know wants to be known for what they do.  Some seek riches, some seek fame. And on the quest for either, we will come to a point where we may have to sacrifice something in order to push forward. The list of sacrifices can be pretty exhaustive but I’ll list the ones I’ve happened upon. Family time, social time, integrity, transparency and authenticity.

I think that most people will agree that when you stop feeling comfortable doing what you’re doing, it may not be worth it anymore.

And that’s usually the breaking point.

I stop myself so often from cheating people out of the real me. Several opportunities have come my way where if I just tweak or manipulate a few things I can get more money. Or if I lie about something, more exposure. None of that sits well with me. But I wonder if there are anybody who’s had major success, and I mean Uber success, like the superstars of their industry–that’s gotten there without selling out something.

There are tons of original artists, just in my local area, who will probably never get the recognition they deserve. And that’s sad. But the reality is, not all of us are going to make something of ourselves. Some of us will quit, some of us will mess up along the way, but some of us will see what we’re doing wrong and make changes.

But I’m convinced the megastars of our time didn’t get there without sacrificing something.

I’ll keep myself as humble as Keanu Reeves does most of the time.

Back to Normal, Back to Work | TBC_018

All I want is to feel normal again. Two months of being in a rut is not productive or healthy.

But I have a feeling I’m not going to be settled in for quite a while since my priorities are moving toward income generation, and how very little I have left.

On Tuesday, Kema and I, plus his buddy journeyed to San Francisco to attend the iStandard Producer showcase. Now I’ve never been to one of these competitions before so it was interesting that producers (in Hip Hop, these are the ones who make the music in contrast to producers of other genres) battled it out. I was the support and the one doing the filming obviously. A lot of the pictures I took that night didn’t come out very well since it was so dark and I don’t have a fast lens so I was trying to utilize long shutter techniques.

Here’s one that actually looked decent:

Everything else was just blurry. Sorry.

If you want to hear more of these guys, they call themselves MENU BEATS (Me & U – beats) and currently their stuff can be heard on Kema’s soundcloud.

#Moving Sucks | TBC_017

Finally back from a two-month hiatus.

Rebooting the vlog now. Although, this may be a little more polished than normal, and that’s only because I’ve had a longer time to think and edit.

This version of the vlog is NOT sustainable.

Which just means, I’ll need to make compromises on gear and setup in order to edit in a timely and consistent manner.

This move was one of the worst experiences I’ve had so far.

It was nice to not actually do anything, but it was also killing me not doing anything.

Packing sucks.

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Hell yeah. The things you find when moving. I need a tape player! #tmnt2

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Spent too much time sitting around watching movies on my phone. Since I didn’t have access to my gear or a computer/laptop, I was sooooo bored.

There were some pretty nice experiences.

Me and my dog had an adventure skateboarding around the city.

Relaxing in a park.

I’ve also had my first experience in a Filipino market.


In the new neighborhood, these are the biggest speed limit signs I’ve ever seen.

I’m Finally Useful | TBC_016

This vlog here is going to be fairly short.

There was a lot of stuff happening this week that I did NOT record.


Plus, I’m thinking of rebooting, changing, and tweaking a few things so I’m going to have to take a break.

See ya in a couple weeks.