[Frame Info: Black Mirror S01E03 “The Entire History of You” (2011) Directed by Brian Welsh. Cinematography by Zac Nicholson.]

Black Mirror was a very surprising series for me. Caught wind of it through Twitter during the holidays. It caught on with the US audience a few days before Christmas.

My thought was because of Mad Men’s Jon Hamm starring in the 2014 Christmas Special, it gained traction here in the US. But even without the “Evil Don Draper” the show is brilliant in its execution. And if you still haven’t caught it yet, I can describe it best as a technology-themed Twilight Zone.

Now this shot in particular is just pure aesthetic for me. In context, after a drunken confrontation with the main character’s wife’s lover, Liam, finds himself in a ditch off-road; the front of his car connected to a tree. The slightly upward angle and location of the camera gives a sort of “thrown about” feeling and the focus on the steering wheel clarifying… of course… a car and possible accident. Putting two and two together here people. Simple. This is why I said it was merely aesthetics for this shot. Just one that I’m not used to seeing in “after-car-crash” sequences. Hence, it made my list.

Have you seen this episode?