[Frame info: Breaking Bad S04E09 “Bug” (2011) Directed by Terry McDonough. Cinematography by Michael Slovis.]

Breaking Bad is one of my all time top favorite television dramas.

Not only for the amazing Bryan Cranston, but for the engaging narrative and cinematography work of Michael Slovis. Nearing the end of the series, the opening scenes consisted of a preview of what we could expect at the end of the episode. Consider them like bookends for film. I loved trying to figure out what was gonna happen just from these opening shots.

This one in particular is composed of reading glasses and the left foot of a pair of Wallabees–the identifying shoe worn by the protagonist (antagonist?), Walter White . There’s blood dripping from the top frame which suggests either something physically violent happened or a life-threatening disease is taking its toll on the character. Either way, it piques interest, and that’s this frames job.

Any Breaking Bad fans out there?