Im here to give my voice the amp it needs.

I'm here to give my voice the amp it needs.

Six months ago I established this domain for my own personal amusement. The original plan was to showcase the creative work I do to friends, family, and people who would pay me money for doing work for them. So yea, basically my online freelance portfolio.

I had no intention of even starting a blog because at the time it just seemed very emo to me.

Oh, I just need a place to talk about my feeling and let everybody know…

Until I realized that most of the sites I visited often all had “powered by wordpress” or “so-and-so theme” in the footer.

So I googled “wordpress” and found out it was a blogging platform, and yes, I know I’m not cool enough to update myself on online trends. Probably because I have a job that eats my soul on a daily basis and the only thing I use the internet for is MySpace and pRon. Maybe a few other sites but I’m just keepin’ it simple. I also just found out what RSS is and what an aggregator does… don’t flame me.

My constant indecisiveness on content, a redundant 9-5, and making time to just be happy stunted the growth of my developing this site. That and cognitive dissonance. (Google it.)


So here I am now finally launching and still feeling like something’s missing. But I figure, I’m never going to start if I don’t start. Just do it! Work out the details later. Procrastination and trying to get everything perfect was kicking my ass. (I actually wrote a post about procrastination just to get me to do something.)

Thus, I’ve decided to take the ready-fire-aim approach and begin, not with a complete site, but a site with growth potential. From a young baby bird to a snarky pterodactyl. (Reverse evolution… oops.) Well, you get the point.

One Purpose – Several Passions

I don’t exactly have a niche to speak about, but I do have several things I’m passionate about which you will see. The site serves a twofold purpose:

1) As an outlet for my creativity in the form of film, music, and art; and
2) Writing about Personal Development, Psychology, Human Behavior and Sex (and maybe more)…

…all conveyed through my charming persona. Ha.

Entertainment and information are the basics and the underlying theme is “Potential” with me as the guinea pig.

Don’t Mind The Potholes

Building this site is a learning curve so let me know if something isn’t working properly. You may probably notice odd things happening while you’re cruising around the blog, don’t worry about it—it’s just me tweaking or adding a few things.

I encourage anyone to drop me a note. I love meeting new people.

Enjoy yourself while you’re here. Take a look around, read a bit, be confused by the dichotomy, and Angry Monkey t-shirts are available in the lobby.