My friend Kayla is quite a character. She has a personality that just won’t quit. But that’s what I love about her. So when she asked me to take photos of her for some unknown reason I had to quickly refer her to the fact that I am NOT a photographer… but I CAN take pictures. As long as I was able to capture some video, which I’m more comfortable with, I was game.

Location scouting started around 6:30am looking for spots that fit in with what she wanted to convey in her photos: a nature-lovin’ girl. So we headed north from Sacramento hoping to find something along the massive stretch of highway. There was a spot we found with a suspension bridge that looked like in never got any action, quite scary driving over it.

45 miles in each direction of the main freeway got us lost, but in the end we did manage to find a quaint little river and bridge that made for a wonderful backdrop. By the time we parked the sun was already heading toward setting… even better. Golden hour was upon us.

The majority of the shoot was done at that place, and with California gas prices, yeah, no need to go anywhere else. I only wish I had brought enough SD cards to film our little adventure getting lost. We stopped for a bit on a dirt trail as she got out of the car to pet a deer… AND I MISSED IT!

The photos and video can be found in the portfolio. Kayla in Nature // Photoshoot + Video