Checking out the Wizard World Comic Con in Sacramento.

Sunday. Day 3.

It was more of a last minute decision. I actually had no intention of going but I figured I’d been cooped up in my room for too long pursuing my “life work” (whatever that is) that a change of pace sounded good. So I grabbed the camera, my recorder, and a microphone (for spontaneous interviews) and decided to film whatever the hell I could. I actually had no idea how this video would turn out, and to be honest, a lot of the shots were garbage and/or I forgot to hit record or pressed record when it was already recording which turned it off. Confusing? With so many people around I didn’t even bother to verify the recording light. And obviously with me being in some of the shots, camera man Hury was on the scene.

So the main attraction was definitely Stan Lee’s appearance. A close second was Chris Hemsworth. My infatuation though was with Ralph Macchio. Growing up watching the Karate Kid, the second most watched movie in my lifetime aside from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  I really wanted to chat with Daniel-san.

That didn’t happen.

Apparently you had to pay… for practically everything: photo ops, autographs, touching a piece of their clothing (I’m just saying). We didn’t bother.

The panels were fun. Mr. Macchio, James Hong, Two-thirds of the Boondock Saints, Jon Bernthal, Stan Lee and Chris Hemsworth. We didn’t get to stick around for the latter two though since most of the VIP-paid visitors practically took over the room and most of the seats were reserved.

James Hong was the highlight for me at these panels. The guy is just effin’ hilarious, the epitome of the perverted old asian guy. It was perfect. At one point during the panel the crowd starting throwing dollar bills at him as he worked his way out of his jacket to make-shift stripper music.

It’s coming to these events, and meeting everybody that’s been moved by something that you do– I haven’t had a real job in 20 years, and trust me, I know what real jobs are– we should be so lucky to be in front of you guys and just talk about our life. It’s flattering, it’s very humbling…

– Sean Patrick Flanery / Boondock Saints Panel

The Boondock Saints panel was energetic as hell. Colored lights bouncing and flashing around the room and possibly some introduction music, I can’t remember. But I think it was the only panel that did that. Sean Patrick Flannery is a no-holds-barred kind of guy, and I dig that. Anecdotes and F-Bombs galore in this panel, and Rocco is just a funny guy, period. No Reedus though, that was a little saddening even though he was still downstairs signing autographs as this was happening.

I respect actors who take their work seriously and believe in storytelling and art. Jon Bernthal’s panel opened my eyes to the integrity and the caliber of the artist he is. Of course, most people will only know an actor for their most prominent role, in this case Shane from The Walking Dead, and it sucks to be pigeon-holed to a certain character or type, but his answers to questions about how he goes about a role and anecdotes on directors and the art of storytelling really made me respect him more. If you’re on this site then you know I’m all about the art and the hard work that goes into creating it. I did find it funny he didn’t know what a “meme” was, but then again, if all you do is the work, you’re not going to be clued into the world very much.

After being kicked out of the Stan Lee panel we went back downstairs for another walk around to see if there was anything I was willing to trade money for. There wasn’t. Not that I wasn’t willing to pay, but there just wasn’t anything that screamed to me “I MUST HAVE THIS!”

We walked back into the parking garage across the way from the convention center, packed up the equipment, paid the twenty dollar parking fee and off to find some nachos. Next time, I will find a way to get interviews with some actors, or at least ask fan boys more “interesting” questions. I have some ideas in mind.