Welcome to the pilot episode for MOCHI.

If you’re a regular to the site then you know I’ve been working on this show for years now. Probably two years or so, from idea to development to production. I even made a mini documentary about the experience. You can find Part 1 of “Making Mochi” here.

Still working on PART II. Stay tuned for that. Or better yet, subscribe to the site to get notified when I do publish it.

Series Episode Title: “The Waitress Inception”
Leon and Hury find a little inspiration from their waitress to create a show. 

Show notes:

  • The 5 Elements you need, IMO, to setup a filmmaking production with quality that doesn’t suck.
  • Recommend a DSLR camera for lens choice and portability.
  • A tripod and/or monopod will serve the majority of your needs.
  • Best light source is the sun. But one “redhead” can serve your needs effectively.
  • Most computers as of now (2014) can handle most of your editing needs.
  • Get music for your projects from: MARMOSET & RIGHTCLEARING *currently the RightClearing website is unavailable.
  • If you’re musically inclined, original music is always a better way to differentiate yourself. Or hire a rapper.

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About Mochi:
It’s a talk show that lives in the world of a web series where we discuss creativity, art, craft, process, learning and possibly slight detours to Wonderness.