So I’m thinking I may have been doing too much with this whole Psych Fan Episode Remake thing. As much as we (Me, Hury, and Chad) all love the show, in comparison to the other submissions, the work I put on this may be overkill. But then again, I still call it practice.


This was our submission. I reserved scene 48, and even though I could’ve reserved four more, I figured I didn’t have enough time to make FIVE different scenes. I was right. This did take a fair amount of work to get right. Even now I still think I could have at least got better audio by NOT using the on-cam microphone and utilizing my external recorder and field mic. Annnnnnd I’m over it.

For now enjoy folks. And for the cast and crew of Psych we have a special farewell video for you guys. Take a gander.

Note: The cutoff date for submissions is Feb 19th. Help show your support by just commenting on the video located here:

Also, we’d love to hear what you guys thought. Be sure to comment below too if you will.