Here’s a motion portrait that I’ve spent quite of bit of time working on.

I shot this back in October because I was inspired by all outdoor sports stuff I had been watching. The shoot wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, I wanted a little bit more kinetic energy without having to rely on the recent film making conventions of time manipulation (the whole slowing-down and speeding-up thing) because it’s pretty cliche nowadays.

I think it would’ve helped if I had used a GoPro… and maybe a few “insane in the membrane”, redbull-drinking, tricking, riders. I don’t know, would’ve helped just a wee bit.

Riding a bike and filming is a hard thing to do I’ve realized. And when it’s only you that’s doing all the work, forget about carrying all your equipment around. I just had my camera in a sling bag with an easy access pouch (for times when I had to race to get in front of the guys and set up) and a cheapo shoulder rig which I no longer have because it broke on my flight to Phoenix last October. So pissed.

The only lenses used: 35mm and 18-55mm. I ended up using the crappy stock lens because I got annoyed switching lenses in a rush. When you see opportunities you just have to pull it out. That’s also how I meet women.

For the music I experimented with some sort of jazzy, techno, funk thing. I had just got done watching Ocean’s 12 and 13 and I loved the soundtrack it just seemed to fit for this video.

Now usually for projects this short I’ll go off and search for some royalty free music to use. But I really wanted to experiment with mixing different genres this time just as a way to brush up on my musicianship and practice scoring. Two birds. Spend a whole day trying to decipher jazz. Till this day I had also played jazz-like on my piano with a blues scale and a made-up swing expression which probably couldn’t even be called jazz. I’ve yet to really understand how to play jazz which is why I am now making it my mission to study it. It’s such an interesting, spontaneously free sound.

I just like mixing sounds. Guess that’s the DJ in me. By the way, Acid Jazz is pretty awesome.