If you couldn’t tell by the title, I can’t help you on that one. But yeah, I shot a screen test utilizing all the equipment I have. Some old, some new. Hopefully I have almost everything I need to put a quality production on when I decide to go full steam ahead on this project.

In  use so far:

  • 2 400 watt softboxes
  • 2 clamp lights
  • DIY muslin rack
  • a white king-sized bedsheet
  • my camera
  • a lav mic
  • Zoom H4n audio recorder for dual sound recording

I really didn’t have much to talk about so I chose 3 things off the top of my head: getting that “film look”, my distaste for jump cuts, and a petition against Michael Bay’s upcoming “Ninja Turtles”. (Actually, the last one got cut short due to my camera battery running out.)

There were other things I was talking about as I was blabbing but for time’s sake I went ahead a cut down 2 hours. Time sure flies as you rant.

Another point of this screen test was to judge my performance. A lot of questions in my head like “Can I actually pull of a performance that people wouldn’t click’ next’ on?” “Am I enunciating properly?” “Am I talking too fast or too slow?” You know, the self-doubting questions.

It seems alright. That’s all I can give myself. I will always be my own worst enemy.

Anyway, any thoughts on the screen test? Let me know below.