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... or not.


2015 is when I hit my lowest point. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Not exactly rock bottom but it’s low enough. Things didn’t really seem to start moving forward till near the end of the year.

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Artist Spotlight: Mr Dan Hipp

Leave it to the comic fanboy in me to to discover art which has always been in front of me.

I never once bothered to watch an episode of Teen Titans Go! because it looked just like every other kid’s cartoon capitalizing on a known IP. The chibi anime’ish design. The flat color scheme. None of it appealed to me. Continue Reading…


Finding My Hustle

I’ve stayed away from the word “hustle” for years, and I don’t have a good reason. For the most part I’ve always associated it with manipulating people and circumstances; finding any which way to make something happen with no regards to ethics.

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Victorious Kitty | Production Journal Day 1

Victorious Kitty means absolutely nothing. Just a code name. A placeholder for a title that still needs to find itself eventually. Most big-budgeted movies use code names to keep their production secret for fear of leaks to the outside world–I’m just doing it because I can’t think of a name at the moment.

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