Day 2 of my road trip to Oregon. Actually in Oregon. Still a lot to do here. Regardless of the weather, I still found a way to enjoy myself. Of course, enjoying myself means making movies.

We made a horror movie.

And it’s not like I don’t normally make movies, but my production skills have gotten faster and more efficient because of vlogging. Makes sense since I’m constantly having to put together a story on a weekly basis. But it’s the fastest storyboarding-to-execution I’ve ever done. I’ve also never actually, visually, told a horror story before and I’m glad to see all those horror movies I’ve been watching came in handy in composing shots. Though a little cliche, I’m still a newbie in this horror genre.

There’s still two more days worth of footage to edit for this weeks TBC. This week is proving challenging being back at work, and the normal grind and attempting to push out 4 episodes this week. I can do it.

No sleep for me.