Finding something to make money on the side to supplement your income isn’t always necessary.

Some do it because they need a little extra cash for something coming up. Some do it just to HAVE extra cash. And some others do it as a transition into a new venture to invert their current income situation. That last one is me.

A job to me is something I do for money. An exchange of time and skill to help a company out for cash. The side hustling is the thing I’m doing to “test out the waters” of income generation for something I excel and love doing, as well as making predictions on it’s consistency and sustainability.

I would like to flip this paradigm and have the majority of my income be toward something I care about, like most people. And then doing stuff just for extra cash I can choose to or not. (More than likely, it would be meaningless work for cash, so… probably not)


Let’s make this simple.

What are you good at?

Do that for somebody. Or teach somebody that.

Now the hard part.

Get yourself out there in the world. Find a way to publicize what you do. Allow people to notice you.

That’s gonna take a little more effort.

So I’m just curious, what are your side hustles? Drop a comment.

Part of what I shot.