Finally back from a two-month hiatus.

Rebooting the vlog now. Although, this may be a little more polished than normal, and that’s only because I’ve had a longer time to think and edit.

This version of the vlog is NOT sustainable.

Which just means, I’ll need to make compromises on gear and setup in order to edit in a timely and consistent manner.

This move was one of the worst experiences I’ve had so far.

It was nice to not actually do anything, but it was also killing me not doing anything.

Packing sucks.

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Hell yeah. The things you find when moving. I need a tape player! #tmnt2

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Spent too much time sitting around watching movies on my phone. Since I didn’t have access to my gear or a computer/laptop, I was sooooo bored.

There were some pretty nice experiences.

Me and my dog had an adventure skateboarding around the city.

Relaxing in a park.

I’ve also had my first experience in a Filipino market.


In the new neighborhood, these are the biggest speed limit signs I’ve ever seen.