I didn’t expect this week’s vlog to be so massive.

Travel videos are usually the easiest to create content for. Most of the time is spent wandering and exploring and that tends to trigger me to have fun with the situation. The world is definitely my playground when you’re into dancing and parkour–the latter of which still needs some work.

Going through my old computer files, I noticed I still had 3 major film projects that I never got to. I want to start.

For me to call myself a filmmaker and not actually make any films… there’s a disconnect there. I just need to stop procrastinating and do it. I could make the excuse that I have tons of things going on and justify my actions with some sort of time deflection. But really, you make time for the things you care about. So how much stuff am I doing right now that I really don’t give a shit about. Time for some pruning.


I think these guys are starting to get along. Or at minimum tolerate each other. KC (my dog) couldn’t stand being around the cat. But it’s been a couple months since I took this cat in. He was ghastly skinny when I moved into this new house, I’m not even sure I know where he came from but, my best guess is he was probably living in this house and abandoned since he seems to know his away around the property. I haven’t even given him a name yet. I just call him “Cat.” But I was thinking of maybe… Wesley Stripes?

Never knew what the morning in San Francisco looked like until now. I’ve also never seen the Golden Gate Bridge from OUTSIDE of the city. The colors were popping this morning.

The Point Bonita Lighthouse I initially discovered while searching for haunted places near San Francisco. I’m sure it looks haunted during heavy fog, but it was quite beautiful when I went. I don’t even consider myself to be one of those outdoorsy types, but I can still appreciate nature. The guy walking past with the dog was a such a massive bonus to this shot. It definitely helped to give you the scale of the mountain to people. Plus that dog was super friendly. As I was shooting further on down the bridge his head slid inbetween my legs like he wanted to give me a ride. Damn these friendly animals!

Battery Mendell is an out-of-commission prison. I seriously want to shoot a scene here for a short action flick one day. It was too cool. And possibly haunted. I’ve still yet to find a group of people willing to go to haunted places with me.

This has got to be one of the coolest spot I’ve been to. Never been even though I’m in this city often. I guess it’s kind of like when you live around something, you never really go to the popular places because it’s just home. The same thing when New Yorker’s explain even though they’ve lived there for years or decades, they’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty.

Dancing and performances look amazing at this spot. If only I was a better breakdancer I could’ve made the video look better. This is actually a 360 photo that I posted on my Facebook. Not quite sure if I wanted to install the 360 plugin for this blog. Site’s already acting slow as it is.

I admire the city of Berkely for keeping things fresh, organic and healthy. Just wished it wasn’t so damn expensive. Most of the food joints down the main strip are all pretty health-conscious. Which I guess would help my unhealthy ass out. I seriously need to start eating better because that feeling of sluggish and overall shit-feeling is starting to annoy me. Should probably start with drinking more water.

Or drinking water. Period.

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