I guess I’ll do another year of this vlogging thing. I don’t see how it could hurt. Not many people give a shit yet so I’m free to continue experimenting with video techniques at my leisure.

But then I was always going to do that regardless of how many people followed me. It’s how I get better at this video stuff: learn, apply, reflect, repeat.

This time around I want to keep the topic onto something that would be valuable to those like me: the creative freelancer. Or if you’re just a freelancer in any field, I’m sure what I’m going through will probably apply to you as well.

So question I’m dealing with right now is:

“How do you get noticed with your skillset when you don’t have any previous experience or work?

Now that I read that, it sounds pretty simple compared to when I was agonizing over it for years. To prove that I can do something… I gotta just do it.

In my case, if I want to get hired for video work, I need video work to show off. Make the damn thing. That’s it. And most likely, I’m not gonna expect to get paid from my first job. But just to establish myself there were two ways of getting my work out. Either 1.) PRO BONO for another person or company or 2.) MY OWN IDEAS.

I hope it goes without saying that these projects should involve a lot of love. Set the tone for the quality of work you do. It’s being done for free so there are no deadlines and no nitpicking. Make it the best that you can make it. Half-assed work is noticeable, why half-ass something that you’re going to use to entice potential clients with? That’s just stupid. Don’t be stupid.