Over the years I’ve been interested in a lot of different things. I’ve been passionate about many of them and some were just a trial run. Most I completely abandoned within a month.

When you’re young, there’s so many things about the world you don’t know. No matter how small something was, I wanted to learn about it. My curious nature. By letting curiosity guide me I got to experience many things. Making music, building cars, writing stories, sprinting (and a potential Olympic run–never happened though), gymnastics and many, many more. And that’s what bugs me when I hear people exclaiming “passion” when it comes to success and happiness.

I have many. And none of them guarantee success–or happiness.

But I have tons of work in many things. Some of which do have the potential to succeed very well. The happiness part is still a miss with me. Even things that I am passionate about tend to feel like a job sooner or later. Then my initial happiness turns into gratitude. And that’s a different feeling altogether.

There’s work that I’ve done that have led to me being passionate about it. For example, this video editing stuff. My work ethic and competitive nature probably had more to do with it that.

Passion isn’t necessary because it’s not required to get the job done. There are other characteristics that have more of an impact.

Passion is like the cherry on top of your fudge sundae, it’s that little thing that makes it alright.

Unless, of course, you don’t like cherries.