I felt the need to up my photography game. So I bought a drone. Without any thought to how I was gonna pay for that bad boy, swiftly made my way to the nearest Best Buy a purchased the entry level DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

I normally go the entry-level route mainly because of buyers’ remorse. When contemplating an expensive purchases it’s always at the cheapest model just in case I don’t care for it, I can return it without getting to paranoid about what I had just put on my credit card. Consider it a trial. Even though the other models had more features, I just didn’t know if I would be into it. It’s not an investment if it just sits in my closet.

So there we are.

Also, because of the poor audio on the footage I got from TENT CITY’s performance at Ace of Spades of couple months ago, I’ve decided to turn that performance video into a documentary. A sleight of hand to distract the audience from the crappy sound. It’s a little more work, but who knows, maybe a documentary is a better promotional tool than just a performance piece.