There used to be a point in time when I considered myself very tech-savvy when it came to designing website layouts and structures, but upon installing CS3 (yes I know it’s historic by now) and going through all the programs just to play around, I realized… I DON’T KNOW SHIT!!

Fireworks is foreign to me (though it seems to incorporate both Dreamweaver and Photoshop skill sets) like vegetables to a fat kid. Spending most of my off day to go through tutorials made me forget what the hell site I’m attempting to make in the first place. It finally dawned on me that my focus isn’t a glamorous layout or super cool widgetry or ultra high tech functionality, but content. Pure, unadulterated content. That’s it. (But still make it stylish. Tee-hee.)

My creativity, eccentricities, and random-ass-whatevers is what is going to differentiate me and claim my uniqueness, not the animated drop-down menus of flash or incorporation of the coolest CSS tricks. So in saying, welcome to my world. If all goes well, this site will be updated consistently with my content. Not really sure what it is I want to convey, I know I have something of value to express to the world. (If someone could make a complete website on the joys of LEGO’s, then I’m sure I can at least get one person to read my posts.)

So in closing, let me thank you in advance for allowing me to take these precious minutes of your life for the sake of humoring me. I appreciate it.