These are just some test shots I put together to practice for an upcoming project.

Materials used:

Welding Steel Plate 1/4″ by 4″ by 12″ (Lowes / $10)
Skateboard trucks – bought 2 different ones on clearance ($15)
Bones OG 100 54mm Wheels ($18)
Bones Reds 8mm bearings. ($12)
Manfrott0 391RC2 Junior Head ($53)
Black Metal Paint (Hammered)/ Primer ($10)
3/8″ 16 Kingpin bolt plus washers and locknuts ($7)

Overall Cost: about $125

It’s somewhat heavy, but it’s also very durable. I wanted something heavy in the first place because a problem I had with a plain skateboard was that my light-ass camera picked up every movement from the ground. Weighing it down helps to keep it a little more Bad Boys and a lot less Cloverfield.

Here is the SpiderTrax Dolly the build project was based off via MrCheesyCam/

And this is the video I decided to use as reference for building my dolly via TheAussieInLA

I think I just leveled up my production quality. Ya Ta!