• On Getting Older | TBC_2.5

    Birthdays are a young person’s game. Or maybe, birthdays are for kids, tweens, young adults, and seniors. In the middle is where I lie. In between the hopeful and regretful stages of life. I […]

  • Chasing Waterfalls | TBC_2.4

    The Mary’s pick me up for another travel excursion. Destination: Yosemite National Park. I’ve said it before, travel vlogs are the easiest to create. When there’s so much to look at, and explore, a […]

  • Finally Got A Drone | TBC_2.3

    I felt the need to up my photography game. So I bought a drone. Without any thought to how I was gonna pay for that bad boy, swiftly made my way to the nearest […]

  • Passion Not Required | TBC_2.2

    Over the years I’ve been interested in a lot of different things. I’ve been passionate about many of them and some were just a trial run. Most I completely abandoned within a month.