There’s a little known podcast I listen to called “The Fizzle Show.”

Three guys talking about their experiences in entrepreneurship to help those of us starting out. Weeks on end I’ve listened in. Ever since they first started, I was hooked. Chase Reeves is one of the three hosts enlightening the discussions with his sporadic insights and comments and tons of unabashed honesty. I dig that.

But then again the show’s branding is “Honest Business” so you expect it.

There’s been one saying I’ve heard Chase repeat numerous times:

“I’m the dumbest guy in the room…”

It’s stuck with me. It’s also changed the way I think about learning and progress.

There’s another guy who’s used the same phrase. His name is Ben Milne, CEO of Dwolla (like Dollar, but for the Web). He’s known for implementing a payment system faster and cheaper than the standard credit card industry’s method of moving currency. I also like the way he thinks.

This article explains it better.

Being the dumbest guy in the room–in my vernacular–is not appointing yourself an idiot, but as someone who understands they don’t have all the answers. Someone who questions. Because questioning things is learning. It’s how we get to the answers. It’s how we become that much more educated.

Taking on the role of “The Constant Student” then keeps us open to learning new things compared to being an expert on a subject.

A disclaimer to being an expert.

There’s ego in being an expert. There’s hubris in being a know-it-all. And when you’re an expert in what you do, and your head is stuck in your ass, learning isn’t very high on the priorities.

In my experience, there’s always something to learn–especially in repetition. Which is why repetition is important in mastery. We pick up on the finer details every time we repeat a process, or reread a book, or encounter a similar experience.

Being the dumbest guy (and now let me add ‘girl’) in the room is keeping yourself open to knowledge. It’s realizing there’s still a hell of a lot to learn.


+++ Photo: Dumb Guy Curriculum